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Kevin Hughes, Lead Vocals and Guitar

Kevin Hughes, Lead Vocals and Guitar

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Kevin Hughes was born in February of 1968 in Biloxi, Mississippi. At the age of 12 he discovered his 1st true love, Heavy Metal. Kevin started learning to play the piano at the ago of 10. After playing piano for several years Kevin got tired of that instrument instead wanting to learn the guitar. When he was 15 he received an acoustic guitar for Christmas. At 16 he got his 1st electric guitar and started his 1st band. Over the next 19 years Kevin played in several different bands picking up a talent for singing along the way. Kevin helped start Mersa in April 2000.

      "Mersa is not about writing a hit song that will sell 2 millions copies. Mersa is not about picking up girls,
   being popular, singing for the freedom of Tibet, or any other worthless political cause. Mersa is about playing
   music, telling a story with their music, and leaving the audience with the feeling they have just witnessed a
   group of incredible musicians playing incredible music." 

                                                                                               -Kevin Hughes