Kevin Hughes, Lead Vocals and Guitar Paul Rosas, Backing Vocals and Guitar Rick Sorensen John Aukes, Drums

The history of Mersa

In April of 2000 drummer Randy Omdahl, guitarist Thad Humphrey, and bassist Lance Hensien were joined by guitarist/singer Kevin Hughes to form the band Mr. Creosote. When Thad left the band in January of 2001, Kevin suggested contacting a guitar player named Paul Rosas who he had worked with in a previous band, and felt would be a good addition. Paul's entry into the band became official in March of 2001. His addition gave the band a new direction, better focus, and a new name. Wanting to shed the not-so-serious name of Mr. Creosote along with that old image, the band name was changed to Mersa.

The newly-named Mersa was a heavier and darker version of the former band. Differences of opinion on where the band was headed musically caused Lance to leave Mersa in December of 2001 and Randy left the band a few weeks later. Paul and Kevin were left to carry on the Mersa name, and began a search for musicians that shared their vision of how the band should be. The year 2002 saw a lot of talented people join and leave Mersa. Mersa is currently reworking the band lineup, and will make an announcement soon. Stay tuned, 2005 is gonna rock!

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